With the technology we have today, I motivate myself for Understanding things.


Kasala Fahadh

I am a self-motivating and exploring student to learn something new. I have a firm grip on Front-End Development and Google Assistant Actions Developing, but still Nowadays I am focusing on developing my skills and scope in Full-Stack Development using MERN and UI/UX. Apart from this, I can deal with some codes in DSA. In my free time, I spend with Japanese comics mostly.

  • Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
  • (91) 8688537266


Computer Science Engineering

2019 - 2023

National Institute of Technology, Calicut

I am pursuing my B.Tech in NITC. In my course plan, I mainly interested in Data Structures and Algorithms and solved a lot of related problems in HackerRack which I uploaded to GitHub.


July 2020


During lockdown, for the first time, I started exploring new and as a beginning of it, I learned Front-End-Development in Udacity. Along with it I also completed Intro to Programming.


Programming Languages

C, Python, JavaScript(ES6)


Express.js, Node.js, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap-4

Data Structures and Algorithms

Using C and Python

Designing Skills

PhotoShop, After Effects, Figma

Achievements & Certifications

Programming Nano Degree

June 2020


Front-End-Development Nano Degree

July 2020


Five Star Badge for Python