Why Can't I?

Let's do it

By Fahadh 21th February, 2020.

Hi guys this is Fahadh,

This blog is going to be interesting folks because this is not just a blog but the confidence you gain after going through this is going to be unstoppable.

There are two categories of people who are reading this blog, who think they are not confident, and another category LIKE ME who can't judge about them easily. OHH😲😲😲 I forgot about another category that ignores this blog because they are so confident and they think they don't need things like this. Still, I continue✊✊✊ my blog for the rest two categories, so let see what's here.

Confidence is not something we need while proposing a girl or not something to prove yourself correct every time but it's something which may bring you self-respect as well as respect from others. At the same time may bring you down and this is what everyone calls OVER-CONFIDENCE😐😐😐. Let's not talk about overconfidence because we are here to gain confidence. In my point of view by birth, we don't get anything as a bonus, same applies for confidence too, still some are so confident and some are not it's because of their surroundings and society. Yeah, this is the fact.

Let me explain you with an example, in some family if the child likes and dances well in school, obviously Indian parents may think that it may disturb their child studies and stops him from doing that which eventually makes his confidence drop down in that field and but when he gets chance to dance in university or in higher-level studies, when he is independent, he won't participate because he lost his confidence in his childhood. We can't escape from this still we can do something.

Remember one thing guys, our life is so small and we on earth are so negligible. So do what you want and don't keep any regrets. if you like a girl express her😎😎😎 off course your friends may tease you but in their life, they do the same at some point of time or even society may talk about it but keep in mind that they all have their own life they also care for themselves, eventually as time passes they don't care about your issues. Mainly, try to change your anxiety to your excitement, motivate yourself every time, and make your brain do things for you because it's something which doesn't care about reality or fake but follow the input we give, this helps you to gain confidence in seminars, group discussions, mainly to impress your crush.

Nowadays everyone losing their confidence thinking of their looks and physical appearance. They think about it mainly because to impress girls. Trust😪😪😪 me you are wrong, you think that girls think the same as us !!!. But they are so different from us, they like the guys who are so confident and someone like a bad guy. The evolution and inheritance of the human species prove this. In the cave period when we don't have any technology and money, males had a chance to sexually interact as many times but females are not like that once they are sexually interacted they get some responsibilities of their young and they may lose their good appearance and looks. They observed throughout all this generation and this makes them select the male who is strong, confident, and can able to take care of them and their young ones even the enzymes they release make them do that. It's not their mistake, so let's not misunderstand them.

This is what forwarded to the present era where girls give preference to one who has money, confidence which is not their fault which is inherited. So, don't try to smoke or drink alcohol to be a bad boy but develop confidence✌✌✌ in yourself then it brings you everything !!!!!!

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